The up-and-coming General Education Program at HKBU provides a strong foundation for well-rounded university education with the goal of promoting individual development. The Numeracy category is one of eight core categories in the GE Program. This category strives to support students by helping them understand various topics in mathematics so that they may make connections between everyday phenomena and mathematics. Students who complete Numeracy courses will develop analytical abilities that will enable them to manipulate the tools of mathematics in order to solve problems that they will encounter during their career paths and future academic pursuits.


The General Education Numeracy Team was formed at the beginning of 2009 with the support of a Teaching Development Grant. The original team consisted of Dr. Leevan Ling (Associate Professor of the Department of Mathematics) and only one other team member, but after all nine Numeracy courses were endorsed by the GE working group, the need for expansion immediately became apparent. At one point, a total of eight members were accrued to deal with the heavy workloads. The team members covered a wide array of backgrounds from various professions so as to deliver numerical awareness and decision-making for all aspects of life. Besides being the team leader, Dr. Ling is also the GE QA subgroup category leader, a member of the “3+3+4” working group on GE program, and a member of the GE committee. Currently, there are five members in the Numeracy Team who maintain the smooth functioning of the program. To better facilitate the team’s progress, the project coordinator of the team closely supervises and guides the team members’ work.

Numeracy Courses


Numeracy Courses aim to strengthen students' mathematical proficiency in order to enhance their ability to identify, model, and solve everyday problems mathematically. These courses will also improve students' ability to reason and relate relevant phenomena in our society, and to understand and acquire new mathematical skills whenever necessary.

Texts in General Education Series by HKMS


In response to Hong Kong's new curriculum, the academic structure will be more focused than ever on all-round personal development. The need for mathematical skills has risen significantly. We have created a custom series of textbooks for university-level life applications to streamline the teaching and learning processes.






Matlab's m-files, zip format, size: 6kb


SPSS's data files, zip format, size: 742kb

NEC Centre


The Numeracy Enhancement Centre (NEC), email:, located at OEM 605 in the Ho Sin Hang Campus, can help you select the most suitable GCNU Numeracy course(s). Drop by the centre anytime from Monday to Friday, 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. for course selection consultation.