Felix Kwok
Department of Mathematics
Hong Kong Baptist University
FSC 1209, Fong Shu Chuen Building
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Current courses

MATH 2225 Calculus II, Spring 2020 (Login required)

Course Description: Integral Calculus: antiderivatives, definite integrals, techniques of integration. Applications: areas, volumes and surfaces. Parametric curves and polar coordinates. Introduction to infinite sequences and series, convergence tests, power series.

MATH 3616 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations, Spring 2020 (Login required)

Course Description: The course serves as an introduction to numerical methods for ordinary and partial differential equations. The course will cover Runge-Kutta methods for initial value problems, shooting methods for two-point boundary value problems, finite difference, finite volume and finite element methods for elliptic problems, method of lines for diffusion problems, and upwind methods for hyperbolic problems. In addition to the theoretical properties of the numerical methods, emphasis will be placed on their implementation in MATLAB/Octave.

Past Courses

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