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Title (units): MATH 2215 Mathematical Analysis (3,3,1)
Code share: MATH1112 Mathematical Analysis II

Prerequisite: MATH 1005 Calculus  or MATH1006 Advanced Calculus I
Recommend: MATH 1205 Discrete Mathematics

Objectives: This course places its main weight on mathematical analysis with using ε-δ argument as an introduction to proofs. It pays special attention to developing the students' ability to read and write proofs. Covered materials include sets and functions, real numbers, open and closed sets, limits of sequences and series, limits and continuity of functions, infinite series, and sequences.

Textbook: Stephen Abbott, Understanding Analysis, Springer, 2015

Reference: Steven R. Lay, Analysis: With an Introduction to Proof (5th International Edition), Prentice Hall, 2012.


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