The sales performance of retail industry is highly depend on the effort of salespeople. As with marketing investments, it is important for retail companies to understand customer behavior and the relationship between selling effort and sales. The nature and structure of customer behavior and this relationship are especially difficult to determine because of the numerous functions salespeople perform.

    Recently, there are many Hong Kong retail companies setting up their huge and spreading retail networks in Mainland China. In addition to tracking sales to measure their salespeople’s performance, companies must figure out how to quantify and analyze customer behavior and sales knowledge for effective, efficient and adaptive marketing management in their potential retail networks.

    In this project, we will develop a toolkit based on heterogeneous information fusion from CCTV and RFID for customer behavior and sales knowledge acquisition. Four key technologies will be developed and implemented: (a) robust video processing technology; (b) reliable product and salesperson tracking technology; (c) customers-products-salespeople relationship reconstruction technology; (d) customer behavior analysis technology. This toolkit will enable retail companies to accumulate sales knowledge and customer behavior for retail management. In particular, it will be very useful to facilitate and support marketing decision in retail networks management.