Graduate Students (M.Phil.)
    1. (HKU 98--00) Andy Yip Ming Ham (Thesis: The Best Circulant Preconditioners for Ill-Conditioned Toeplitz Systems)[Epson Award], PhD at UCLA Mathematics, Lecturer, HKBU Mathematics
    2. (HKU 98--00) Andy Ho Ching Wah (Thesis: Iterative Methods for Solving Robbins Problems), PhD at Florida State Unviersity Financial Mathematics
    3. (HKU 98--01) Wilson Kwan Chun Kit (Thesis: Iterative Methods for Image Restoration), PhD at HKU Statistics, Lecturer, PolyU
    4. (HKU 98--01) William Cheung Ming Yan (Thesis: Circulant Preconditioners for Convection Diffusion Equations), PhD at HKU Finance, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau
    5. (HKU 99--01) Kenton Sze Nang Keung (Thesis: Super Resolution Image Reconstruction with Multisensors), PhD at UCLA Mathematics, Magma (USA), Senior Staff
    6. (HKU 99--01) Jessica Ting Ka Wai (Thesis: Time Sequences Data Mining), PhD student at HKU Statistics
    7. (HKU 99--01) Joyce Wong Chung Sze (Thesis: Tabu Search-Based Techniques for Clustering Data Sets), Officer, Publishing Company
    8. (HKU 99--02) Meko So Mee Chi (Thesis: An Operations Reseach Model and Algorithm for Production Planning), PhD at Southampton University Business School, Lecturer, Business School, Southampton University
    9. (HKU 01--03) Eric Fung Siu Leung (Thesis: Higher-Order Markov Model for Categorical Data Sequences) [Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student Award], PhD at HKU Mathematics, Credit Risk Manager, BOC
    10. (HKU 01--03) Elaine Chan Yat Ling (Thesis: An Optimization Algorithm for Clustering Using Weighted Dissimilarity Measures), High School Teacher
    11. (HKU 02--04) Ho Man Kiu (Thesis: Iterative Methods for Non-Hermitian Positive Semi-definite Systems), High School Teacher
    12. (HKU 02--04) Andy Yau Chin Ko (Thesis: Super-resolution Image Restoration from Multiple Decimated Blurred and Noisy Images), PhD at HKU Mathematics, Lecturer, HKBU Mathematics
    13. (HKU 02--04) Edmond Haocun Wu (Thesis: A Multidimensional Data Model for Monitoring Web Usage and Optimizing Website Topology), PhD at HKU Statistics, Associate Professor, School of Economics and Commerce, South China University of Technology
    14. (HKU 02--04) Yu Wai On [Co-supervisor] (Thesis: Models and Numerical Algorithms for Re-manufacturing Systems), High School Teacher
    15. (HKU 03--05) Yang Kang Le (Thesis: A Uniform-Price Method for Contract Auctions), Financial Analyst, IMC Asia Pacific
    16. (HKU 04--06) Chan Lung Chak (Thesis: Some Analyses of HSS Preconditioners on Saddle Point Problems), High School Teacher
    17. (HKU 04--06) Lee Yiu Fai [Co-supervisor] (Thesis: Some Mathematical Models in Genetics), PhD at HKU Medical School, Scientific Officer, Hong Kong Observatory
    18. (HKBU 08--10) Li Heng (Thesis: New Econometric Models with Applications), Research Analyst, Ortus Capital Management
    19. (HKBU 10--12) Fong Wai Lam (Thesis: Numerical Methods for Classification and Image Restoration), Research Assistant, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
    20. (HKBU 10--12) Shen Chenyang (Thesis: L1-norm Local Preserving Projection and its Application), Post-doc, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Graduate Students (Ph.D.)
    1. (HKU 03--06) Eric Fung Siu Leung (Thesis: High-dimensional Markov Chain Models for Categorical Data Sequences and Its Applications), Credit Risk Manager, BOC
    2. (HKU 03--07) Jing Liping (Thesis: Text Subspace Clustering with Feature Weighting and Ontologies), Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University
    3. (HKU 03--06) Wen Youwei [Co-supervisor] (Thesis: Fast Solvers for Toeplitz Systems with Application to Image Restoration), Professor, Kunming University of Science and Technology
    4. (HKU 03--07) Zhang Shuqin [Co-supervisor] (Thesis: Mathematical Models and Algorithms for Genetic Regulatory Netowrks), Associate Professor, Fudan University
    5. (HKU 04--07) Ao Sio Iong (Thesis: Data Mining Algorithms for Genomic Analysis), Founder and Chairman of Newsbook Limited and Time Mini Storage
    6. (HKU 05--08) Andy Yau Chin Ko (Thesis: Superresolution Imaging: Models and Algorithms), Lecturer, HKBU Mathematics
    7. (HKBU 05--08) Yumei Huang (Thesis: Numerical Methods for Image Restoration) [Ace Style International Limited Scholarship, The Second Prize of the EASIAM 2007 Student Paper Competition, The Winner of the Best Student Paper Award of the International Conference on Applied Mathematics: Modeling, Analysis and Computation, 2008], Professor, Lanzhou University
    8. (HKBU 05--08) Li Junjie (Thesis: Some Algorithmic Studies in High Dimensional Categorical Data Clustering and Selection of Number of Clusters), Associate Professor, Shenzhen University Computer Science
    9. (HKBU 06--10) Tam Chi Pan (Thesis: Signal and Image Deconvolution: Algorithms and Applications) [Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund Postgraduate Scholarship], Research Assistant, Hang Seng Management College
    10. (HKBU 07--10) Liao Haiyong (Thesis: Computational Methods for Bioinformatics and Image Restoration), Associate Professor, Shantou University
    11. (HKBU 08--11) Liu Yang [University of Shanghai John Yuen Memorial Scholarship (09-10 and 10-11) and ACM-BCB 2010 Graduate Student Travel Grant] (Thesis: Data Mining Methods for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Analysis in Computational Biology), Researcher, Amgen, USA
    12. (HKBU 09--12) Wang Fan [Honourable Mention of the 5th Chinese Computational Mathematics Society for Young Researcher Research Paper Award and Yakun Scholarship Scheme for Mainland Postgraduate Students] (Thesis: Alternating Direction Methods for Image Recovery), Assistant Professor, Lanzhou University
    13. (HKBU 11--14) Qiao Motong [University of Shanghai John Yuen Memorial Scholarship] (Thesis: Optimization Based Methods for Image Segmentation and High Dynamic Range Image Tone Mapping), Data Analyst
    14. (HKBU 12--15) Shen Chenyang (Thesis: Regularized Classification Models and Algorithms for Machine Learning), Post-doc, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
    15. (HKBU 12--) Chen Chuan (Thesis: Numerical Algorithms for Data Processing and Analysis) [Yakun Scholarship Scheme for Mainland Postgraduate Students], Post-doc at KU Leuven, Belgium and Researcher at Sun Yat Sen University
    16. (HKBU 13--) Zhu Zhaochen
    17. (HKBU 14--) Siu Ka Wai
    18. (HKBU 15--) Yan Hanjun
    19. (HKBU 15--) Ou Jitao
    20. (HKBU 16--) Liu Ye
Research Exchange (Ph.D.) Students
    1. (HKBU-HIT 08--11) Xutao Li [SIAM Student Travel Award to attend the 2012 SIAM International Conference on Date Mining] Post-doc, Nanyang Technological University
    2. (HKBU-HIT 09--11) Qingyao Wu [BIBM Student Travel Award to attend the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics & Biomedicine] Assoicate Professor, South China University of Technology
    3. (HKBU-SCNU 11--13) Lubin Cui, Assistant Professor, Henan Normal University
    4. (HKBU-UESTC 11--12) Xi-Le Zhao [The Second Prize of the 6th Outstanding Young Researcher Research Paper Award from The Chinese Computational Mathematics Society] Assistant Professor, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
    5. (HKBU-NJUST 12--12) Jie Huang
    6. (HKBU-BJU 13--14) Yang Liu, Assistant Professor, Tianjun Normal University
    7. (HKBU-HIT 14--14) Li Wei Fung
    8. (HKBU-SCNU 14--15) Rihuan Ke, PhD student at CUHK
    9. (HKBU-HIT 14--15) Li Feng, Phd Student at Harbin Institute of Technology
    10. (HKBU-HUNAN 16--16) Zhang Xiongjun, Phd Student at Hunan University
    11. (HKBU-SCUT 16--16) Yan Yuguang, Phd Student at South China University of Technology
    12. (HKBU-NUPT 16--16) Shi Manman, Master Student at Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    13. (HKBU-NUPT 16--16) Xie Zhichao, Master Student at Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    14. (HKBU-BJU 17--17) Deng Dong, Phd Student at Beijing Jiatong University
    1. (HKBU 08--09) Pierre Weiss, Associate Professor, University of Toulouse
    2. (HKBU-UIC 09--10) Qiang Niu, Lecturer, Xi'an Jiantong-Liverpool University
    3. (HKBU 10--11) Wei Wang, Assistant Professor, Tongji University
    4. (HKBU 12--13) Huibin Chang, Assistant Professor, Tianjin Normal University
    5. (HKBU 13--14) Xi-Le Zhao, Assistant Professor, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China [The Second Prize of the 6th Outstanding Young Researcher Research Paper Award from The Chinese Computational Mathematics Society]
    6. (HKBU 15--17) Qiangqiang Yuan, Wuhan University, Assistant Professor, [Hong Kong Scholar]
    7. (HKBU 15--) Junjun Pan