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Minor in Applied Mathematics

(Bulletin 18/19 and after)


Core Courses (6 Units)

MATH1005 Calculus I
or MATH1006 Advanced Calculus I
MATH2207 Linear Algebra

Main Elective Courses (6 Units)

Two courses from the following list:

MATH2225 Calculus II
MATH3205 Linear Programming and Integer Programming
MATH3206 Numerical Methods I
MATH3405 Ordinary Differential Equations

Elective Course (3 Units)

One 3-unit MATHXXXX course, excluding all non-letter grade courses MATH3095-6, MATH3495-7, MATH3097, and MATH4998-9. The GE capstone GCAP3005 or GCAP3017 can be double-counted towards this 3-unit elective course requirement, and the outstanding 3 units can be made up by taking any 3 units of free elective.


  1. No courses may be double counted between a major and a minor programme or between two minor programmes. In such cases, core course(s) can be replaced with elective course(s) to fulfill the unit requirement for this programme.
  2. Students of Faculty of Science are not allowed to use MATH1025 Introduction to Mathematics and Statistics to fulfill the Minor requirement. They are required to take another elective course.
  3. BSc COMPUTER SCI students are not allowed to use MATH1205 and MATH2005 to fulfill the Minor requirement. They are required to take another elective course.

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