Preface ps pdf (updated on 15 Feb 05)
  1. A Synthesis of a Posteriori Error Estimation Techniques for Conforming, Non-conforming and Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods
    Mark Ainsworth
    ps pdf (updated on 26 Jan 05)
  2. Averaging Techniques for Reliable and Efficient A~Posteriori Finite Element Error Control: Analysis and Applications
    Carsten Carstensen and Max Jensen
    ps pdf (updated on 16 Feb 05)
  3. Adaptive Computation with PML for Time-harmonic Scattering Problems
    Zhiming Chen and Xuezhe Liu
    ps pdf
  4. Recent Progress on A-posteriori Error Analysis for the $p$ and $hp$ Finite Element Methods
    Benqi Guo
    ps pdf (updated on 15 Feb 05)
  5. Adaptive Mortar Edge Element Methods in Electromagnetic Field Computation
    Ronald H. W. Hoppe
    ps pdf
  6. Adaptive Multi-Meshes in Finite Element Approximation of Optimal Control
    W. B. Liu
    ps pdf (updated on 27 Jan 05)
  7. Adaptive Finite Element Methods in Flow Computations
    Rolf Rannacher
    ps pdf
  8. Maximum Norm Error Estimates for the Finite Element Method Allowing Highly Refined Grids
    Alfred H. Schatz
    ps pdf (updated on 15 Feb 05)
  9. Moving Mesh Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Tao Tang
    ps pdf (updated on 16 Feb 05)
    Contemporary Mathematics, vol 383 (2005), (eds: Z. Shi, Z. Chen, T. Tang and D. Yu), pp. 141-173.
  10. A conservative scheme for 2D and 3D adaptive semi-Lagrangian advection
    J{\"o}rn Behrens and Lars Mentrup
    ps pdf (updated on 7 Feb 05)
  11. An Optimal Streamline Diffusion Finite Element Method for a Singularly Perturbed Problem
    Long Chen and Jinchao Xu
    ps pdf (updated on 11 Feb 05)
  12. A Posteriori Error Estimates of Mixed Methods for Two Phase Flow Problems
    Yanping Chen
    ps pdf
  13. Reduced-Oder Modeling of Navier-Stokes equations via Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation
    Max Gunzburger and Hyung-Chun Lee
    ps pdf (updated on 2 Feb 05)
  14. A Two-mesh Superconvergence Method for Mesh Adaptivity
    Bj{\o}rn--Ove Heimsund, Xue-Cheng Tai
    ps pdf (updated on 28 Jan 05)
  15. Adaptive Moving Mesh Modeling for Two Dimensional Groundwater Flow and Transport
    Weizhang Huang, Xiaoyong Zhan
    ps pdf (updated on 5 Feb 05)
  16. Adaptive Computation of the Corner Singularity with the Monotone Jump Condition Capturing Scheme
    Yin-Liang Huang and Wei-Cheng Wang
    ps pdf (updated on 4 Feb 05)
  17. Adaptive Mesh Refinement and its Application to Magneto-Hydrodynamics
    Shengtai Li
    ps pdf
  18. An Immersed Finite Element Method for Elasticity Equations with Interfaces
    Zhilin Li and Xingzhou Yang
    ps pdf (updated on 5 Feb 05) Chapter 18: pdf ps
  19. Derivative Superconvergence of Equilateral Triangular Finite Elements
    Runchang Lin and Zhimin Zhang
    ps pdf (updated on 1 Feb 05)
  20. A Splitting Moving Mesh Method for 3-D Quenching and Blow-Up Problems
    Kewei Liang and Ping Lin
    ps pdf (updated on 31 Jan 05)
  21. An Adaptive Algorithm for Ordinary, Stochastic and Partial Differential Equations
    Kyoung-Sook Moon, Erik von Schwerin Anders Szepessy and Ra\'ul Tempone
    ps pdf
  22. Recovery Type a Posteriori Error Estimate for Distributed Convex Optimal Control Problems Governed by Integral-differential Equations
    Ningning Yan
    ps pdf
  23. A Mortar Element Method for Coupling Natural Boundary Element Method and Finite Element Method for Unbounded Domain Problem
    Sheng Zhang and Dehao Yu
    ps pdf
  24. Robust and Efficient Adaptive Moving Mesh Solution of the 2-D Euler equations
    P.A. Zegeling, W. D. de Boer and H. Z. Tang
    ps pdf (updated on 27 Jan 05)