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  BIBM 2009
  BIBM 2008
  1) Workshop on Graph Theoretic Analysis of Biological Networks  
  2) International workshop on Computational Proteomics  
  3) Workshop on Mining and Management of Biological and Health Data  
  4) Workshop on Integrative Data Analysis in Systems Biology  
  5) Workshop on Body Motion in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medical Procedures CANCELLED  
  6) Workshop on Data Mining for High Throughput Data from Genome-wide Association Studies  
  7) Workshop on Bioinformatics for MicroRNA and Disease  
  8) The First Workshop on Knowledge Engineering, Discovery and Dissemination in Health  
  9) The Second International Workshop on Data Mining for Biomarker Discovery  
  10) Workshop on Data-mining of Next-Generation Sequencing Data  
  11) The International workshop on Information technology for Chinese medicine