Canada-China Workshop
on Industrial Mathematics

May 23- 26, 2005
Lam Woo Conference Center
Hong Kong Baptist University

Selected PDF/PPT:

Speaker: Talk Title: PDF/PPT
Sean Bohun Crystal Growth from 3D to 1D PDF
Peter Borwein Computer Mathematics and Million Dollar Prizes PDF
Arvind Gupta The Inverse Protein Folding Problem PPT
Arvind Gupta Mathematics of Information Technology and ... PPT
Huaxiong Huang Problems from Industry: Case Studies PPT
Sixun Huang Theoretical Analyses and Numerical Experiments ... PPT
Evangelos Kranakis Folding Energies of Structural and Random RNA PDF
MaoKang Luo Some Aspects on Mathematical Treatments of ... PPT
Jishou Ruan A Self-Referential Model for Predicting the ... PDF
Qi-Ru Wang Spreading Speed and Traveling Waves for ... PDF
Zhaojun Wang Control Charts Based on Likelihood Ratio for ... PDF
Jinbiao Wu A Semi-Analytical Thermal Elastic Model for ... PDF
Zongben Xu A New Approach for Classification: Visual ... PPT
Dinghui Yang An Optimal Nearly-Analytic Discrete Method for ... PPT
Xuan Zeng Mathematic Challenges in the Design and ... PDF
Jiang-She Zhang Neuronal Recording Based Clustering Algorithm PPT
Pingwen Zhang The Structure and Stability of Stationary Solutions ... PDF


Mathematics Center of Ministry of Education
Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS), Canada
The Croucher Foundation
Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation
Hong Kong Baptist University

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