Organized by
Department of Mathematics

Leonhard Euler – His Life, Personality,
Discoveries and Their Impact Today

Prof. Rolf Jeltsch

Former President of the European Mathematical Society
President of International Council on Industrial and Applied Mathematics


Date: 1 November 2011 (Tuesday)

11:00am - 12:00 noon (Preceded by Reception at 10:30 am)


RRS905, Sir Run Run Shaw Building,
Ho Sin Hang Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University



In this lecture we attempt to give a glimpse of the genius of Leonhard Euler and provide some insight into his personality. We start with a brief review of those places where he spent extended periods of his life, namely Basel, St. Petersburg and Berlin. Euler’s output was huge, contributing in many diverse fields; his major discoveries and clever inventions will be presented. Some of his results are so fundamental that they are taught at high school. This talk will end with a few examples where Euler’s work still has a significant impact on modern-day life.



All are welcome