HKBU MATH 45th Anniversary
Distinguished Lecture

Innovative Spectral and Imaging Methods
with applications to
Telemedicine, Telehealth and Non-invasive Diagnosis

Professor Charles K. Chui

Consulting Professor of Statistics, Stanford University
IEEE Fellow
Editor-in-Chief, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis


Date: 22 October 2015 (Thursday)
Time: 4:30pm - 5:30pm (Preceded by Reception at 4:00pm)

RRS905, Sir Run Run Shaw Building,
Ho Sin Hang Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University



This is a lecture for the general audience without advanced mathematics background and only very minimal knowledge of signal and image processing. The topics of discussion include:

  1. The state-of-the-art (nonlinear and non-stationary) signal and image decomposition and reconstruction methods that extend to higher dimensional data manifolds.
  2. What is telemedicine? Why is it necessary? What are the benefits?
  3. Telehealth prolongs healthy lives and is a multi-trillion-$ industry and beyond.
  4. Everyone wants non-invasive medical diagnosis, but what are the options?
  5. A brief discussion of traditional Chinese medical (TCM) practice.
  6. How does the knowledge of TCM benefit the advancement of bio-medical research?
  7. Perhaps modern spectral, imaging, and data manifold methods could provide the solutions, at least partially.



All are welcome