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High Accuracy Analysis of Finite Element Methods
with applications for convection-diffusion problems

Professor Lin Qun

The Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Date: 9 March 2010 (Tuesday)

4:30pm - 5:30 pm (Preceded by Reception at 4:00pm)

RRS905, Sir Run Run Shaw Building,
Ho Sin Hang Campus,
Hong Kong Baptist University


Conventional accuracy analysis of finite element methods depends on the Schwarz inequality which yields the optimal accuracy for general meshes. However, for constructed meshes higher order of accuracy may be obtained without using the Schwarz inequality. Instead, we should use the “identity method” to recover the full accuracy. Especially for convection-diffusion problems involving small parameters, the traditional estimate certainly depends on the parameters and thus we can not obtain the optimal result. By using the “identity method” together with the properties of the target problems, we can obtain the optimal accuracy independent of the parameters. Moreover, the “identity method” only uses the integration by parts, thus most math postgraduate students may follow the approaches used.



All are welcome