International Conference on Statistics

in Honour of
Professor Kai-Tai Fang's 65th Birthday

June 20 - 24, 2005, Hong Kong



Prof. Kai-Tai Fang, Chair Professor of Mathematics at Hong Kong Baptist University, is a leader in the statistical community - internationally, in the Chinese mainland, and in Hong Kong. He was the co-inventor of the uniform experimental design, which is used by engineers to expedite product development. He has discovered new methods for inference in multivariate data. In recent years he has collaborated with biologists and chemists to enhance our understanding of Chinese medicine. As Prof. Fang celebrates his 65th birthday, we are organising a conference to recognise his achievements. Furthermore, this conference will mirror Prof. Fang's own contributions to the profession. We will bring together experts in various disciplines and from East and West, both young and established. The latest research findings will be reported, unsolved problems will be discussed, and the groundwork will be laid for fruitful collaborations.

Scientific Committee:

  Jianqing Fan (Co-chair) Princeton University
  Fred J. Hickernell (Co-chair) Hong Kong Baptist University
  Lai K. Chan City University of Hong Kong
  Gang Li University of California, Los Angeles
  Rahul Mukerjee Indian Institute of Management
  Dietrich von Rosen Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  Grace L. Yang University of Maryland
  Qiwei Yao London School of Economics

Organising Committee:

  Sung Nok Chiu (Chair) Hong Kong Baptist University
  Ping-Shing Chan Chinese University of Hong Kong
  Hing-Wang Fung Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong Government
  Bing-Yi Jing Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  Kai-Wang Ng Hong Kong University
  Man Lai Tang Hong Kong Baptist University
  S. K. Tse City University of Hong Kong
  Gang Wei Hong Kong Baptist University

Plenary Speakers:

  Peter Bentler University of California, Los Angeles
  Ching-Shui Cheng Academia Sinica and University of California, Berkeley
  A. Philip Dawid University College London
  Jianqing Fan Princeton University
  Peter Hall Australian National University
  Fred J. Hickernell Hong Kong Baptist University
  Dennis K. J. Lin Pennsylvania State University
  Xiao-Li Meng Harvard University
  Rahul Mukerjee Indian Institute of Management
  Harald Niederreiter National University of Singapore
  Ingram Olkin Stanford University
  Dietrich von Rosen Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  Ming Tan University of Maryland
  Henry P. Wynn London School of Economics
  Grace L. Yang University of Maryland

Plenary Special Session:

Session Organizer Speakers
Contribution of
Prof. Kai-Tai Fang
Gang Li Fred J. Hickernell
Kai-Tai Fang's Contributions to Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods
Dennis Lin
Fang Kai-Tai: A Life of Statistician
Dietrich von Rosen
Professor Fang's Contributions to Multivariate Analysis

Invited Sessions:

Session Organizer Speakers
Bioinformatics Jianqing Fan Michael R. Kosorok
Large p Small n Asymptotics for Significance Analysis in High Throughput Screening
Shaw-Hwa Lo
Toward the Mapping of Complex Human Disorders: Statistical Methods and Applications
Hong-yu Zhao
Statistical Methods to Integrate Different Data Sources in Genomics Studies
Biostatistics Gang Li Bin Nan
Linear Regression in Case-cohort Studies: Theory and Numerical Aspects
Qihua Wang
A Semiparametric Partly Linear Model for Censored Survival Data
Tian Zheng
A Nonparametric Multipoint Screening Method for QTL Mapping
Data Mining Dennis Lin Fengshan Bai
Mining Course Scheduling Data with Markov Chain
Yuh-Jye Lee
Reduced Kernel on Support Vector Machine
YiZeng Liang
Data Mining in Chemistry
Experimental Design Rahul Mukerjee

Philip Chan
Orthogonal Arrays of 2- and 3-levels for Lean Designs
Sudhir Gupta
Balanced Factorial Designs for cDNA Microarray Experiments
Sanpei Kageyama
Affine alpha-resolvability of Group Divisible Designs

John Stufken
Optimal and Efficient Crossover Designs when Subject Effects are Random

Finance Qiwei Yao Zongwu Cai
Nonparametric Modeling for Conditional Capital Asset Pricing Models
Shiqing Ling
Self-weighted LAD Estimation for Infinite Variance Autoregressive Models
Dietmar Maringer
Return Distribution and Risk Estimation: Some Empirical Evidence
Multivariate Analysis Dietrich von Rosen

Jürgen Läuter
Search for Relevant Sets of Variables in a High-Dimensional Setup
Jianxin Pan
Joint Modelling of Mean-Covariance Structures in Longitudinal Studies
Muni Srivastava

Comparison of Discrimination Methods for High Dimensional Data

Official Statistics Hing-Wang Fung

Xinmin Bu
Development of the Pearl River Delta Based on Statistical Data: its Past, Present and Future
Frederick Ho
The Role of Official Statistics in the Development of the Pearl River Delta Region
Iun Lei Mok
Role of Official Statistics Under the Regional Cooperation Framework

Duan Wei
The Transformation on the Measures of Underemployment: When a Developing Country Transferred into Developed One

Xiangdong Zhu
Reform and Improvement of China's National Account System

Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods Harald Niederreiter Josef Dick
Obtaining O(N-2+varepsilon)Convergence for Quadrature Rules Based on Digital Nets
Greg Wasilkowski
Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Multivariate Linear Problems with Small Effective Dimension; Average Case Setting
Rongxian Yue
Strong Tractability of Quasi-Monte Carlo Quadrature Using Nets for Certain Banach Spaces
Time Series Wai Keung Li

Min Chen
Asymptotics for Estimation in a Partly Linear Errors-in-Variables Regression Model with Time Series Errors
Lijian Yang
Confidence Band and Hypothesis Testing of Leaf Area Index Trend

Call for papers:

In addition to plenary talks by invited speakers, the conference will have a number of parallel sessions for contributed presentations. If you wish to present a talk, please submit the title and abstract to the conference secretariat by February 28, 2005. All abstracts should be no more than 300 words, include the title of the talk, keywords and the names, affiliation, addresses and email addresses of the authors. Electronic submissions in Latex or plain text format are preferred. All abstracts will be refereed by the Organising Committee. We will try to notify you of the acceptance of your talk within one month of the date we receive your abstract.


All participants in the conference must register. The registration fee is US$230/HK$1800. But those who register by February 28, 2005 need only pay US$180/HK$1400 (or US$100/HK$780 for full-time students). The registration fee includes conference materials, lunches, tea breaks and a conference banquet. To register, please complete the on-line Registration Form or mail/fax us the registration form (pdf).

Venue and Accommodation:

The conference will be held at the Lam Woo Conference Centre of Hong Kong Baptist University. The University Guest House is just next to the conference venue. We may also help if you want to stay in other hotels. For details, please refer to the Accommodation Reservation Form.

Social Activities:

We will arrange some social activities for all participants and their guests. You may register for these activities on the first day of the conference.

Important Dates:

Deadline for Abstract Submission:
  February 28, 2005
Deadline for Early Bird Registration:
  February 28, 2005
  June 20 - 24, 2005


  The Croucher Foundation
  Hong Kong Baptist University
  Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  K. C. Wong Education Foundation
  Lee Hysan Foundation
  Peking University - HKBU Joint Research Institute for Applied Mathematics

Contact Information:

c/o Department of Mathematics
Hong Kong Baptist University
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 3411-7015
Fax: (852) 3411-5811

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