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Research Reports 


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Address: Institute for Computational Mathematics
DLB 518, David C Lam Building
Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong


Recent ICM Research Reports


  • (11-03) Zhen Gao, Wai Sun Don and Zhiqiu Li, High Order Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillation Schemes for Two-Dimensional Detonation Wave Simulations, Aug 2011
  • (11-02) Zhen Gao, Zhiqiu Li and Wai Sun Don, High Order Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillation Schemes for One-Dimensional Detonation Wave Simulations, Jan 2011
  • (11-01) T. B. Dittmann, G. B. Jacobs and W. S. Don, Dispersion of a Cloud of Particles by a Moving Shock: Effects of Shape, Angle of Incidence and Aspect Ratio, Jan 2011
  • (10-07) Zhonghua Qiao, Zhizhong Sun and Zhengru Zhang, The Stability and Convergence Analysis of Linearized Finite-Difference Schemes for the Nonlinear Epitaxial Growth Model, Jul 2010
  • (10-06) Marcos Castro, Bruno Costa and Wai Sun Don, High Order Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillatory WENO-Z schemes for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, Jul 2010
  • (10-05) Yu Xiao, Tieyong Zeng, Jian Yu and Michael K. Ng, Restoration of Images Corrupted by Mixed Gaussian-Impulse Noise via l_1-l_0 Minimization, Jun 2010
  • (10-04) Franklin T. Luk, Sanzheng Qiao and Wen Zhang, A Lattice Basis Reduction Algorithm, May 2010
  • (10-03) Michele Benzi, Michael Ng, Qiang Niu and Zhen Wang, A Relaxed Dimensional Factorization Preconditioner for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations, May 2010
  • (10-02) Bruno Costa and Wai Sun Don, Closed Form Formula for WENO Smoothness Indicators with Arbitrary Order, Jun 2010
  • (10-01) Alex Solomonoff and Wai Sun Don, System Reduction with Optimal Replacement Variables, Jan 2010
  • (09-16) Michael Ng, Pierre Weiss and Xiao-Ming Yuan, Solving Constrained Total-Variation Image Restoration and Reconstruction Problems via Alternating Direction Methods, Oct 2009
  • (09-15) Xiufang Feng, Zhilin Li and Zhonghua Qiao, High Order Compact Finite Difference Schemes For Helmholtz Equation with Discontinuous Coefficient, Oct 2009
  • (09-14) Zhonghua Qiao, Changhui Yao and Shanghui Jia, Superconvergence and Extrapolation Analysis of a Nonconforming Mixed Finite Element Approximation for Time-Harmonic Maxwell's Equations, Oct 2009
  • (09-13) Ivan Oseledets and Ekaterina Muravleva, Fast Orthogonalization to the Kernel of the Discrete Gradient Operator with Application to Stokes Problem, Oct 2009
  • (09-12) Zhong-Zhi Bai, Yu-Mei Huang, Michael K. Ng and Xi Yang, Preconditioned Iterative Methods for Algebraic Systems from Multiplicative Half-Quadratic Regularization Image Restorations, Aug 2009
  • (09-11) Ivan Oseledets and Eugene Tyrtyshnikov, TT-Cross Approximation for Multidimensional Arrays, Jul 2009
  • (09-10) Fang Li and Michael K. Ng, Kernel Density Estimation Based Multiphase Fuzzy Region Competition Method for Texture Image Segmentation, Jun 2009
  • (09-09) Fang Li, Michael K. Ng, Tie Yong Zeng and Chunli Shen, A Multiphase Image Segmentation Method Based on Fuzzy Region Competition, Jun 2009
  • (09-08) Zhong-Zhi Bai, Yu-Mei Huang and Michael K. Ng, Block-Triangular Preconditioners for Systems Arising from Edge-Preserving Image Restoration, May 2009
  • (09-07) Jae-Hun Jung and Wai Sun Don, Collocation Methods for Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations with Singular Sources, May 2009
  • (09-06) N. Mastronardi, M. Ng and E. E. Tyrtyshnikov, Decay in Functions of Multi-Band Matrices, May 2009
  • (09-05) Hui Xie, Zhilin Li and Zhong-hua Qiao, A Finite Element Method for Elasticity Interface Problems with Locally Modified Triangulations, March 2009
  • (09-04) I. V. Oseledets, D. V. Savostyanov and E. E. Tyrtyshnikov, Cross Approximation in Electron Density Computations, February 2009
  • (09-03) I. V. Oseledets and E. E. Tyrtyshnikov, Breaking the Curse of Dimensionality, or How to Use SVD in Many Dimensions, February 2009
  • (09-02) Shao-chun Chen, Ming-fang Liu and Zhong-hua Qiao, An Anisotropic Nonconforming Element for Fourth Order Elliptic Singular Perturbation Problem, January 2009
  • (09-01) G. B. Jacobs, W. S. Don and T. Dittmann, Computation of Normal Shocks Running into a Cloud of Particles using a High-Order Particle-Source-in-Cell Method, January 2009
  • (08-16) Houde Han, Jiwei Zhang and Hermann Brunner, Numerical Soliton Solutions for a Discrete sine-Gordon System, December 2008
  • (08-15) Tieyong Zeng, On the Total Variation Dictionary Model, December 2008
  • (08-14) Tieyong Zeng, Xiaolong Li and Michael K. Ng, Alternating Minimization Direction Method for a Novel Total Variation Based Wavelet Shrinkage Model, November 2008
  • (08-13) Xiaoxia Guo, Fang Li and Michael K. Ng, A Fast l1-TV Algorithm for Image Restoration, November 2008
  • (08-12) I. Oseledets, E. Tyrtyshnikov and N. Zamarashkin, Matrix Inversion Cases with Size-independent Tensor Rank Estimates, November 2008
  • (08-11) Haiyong Liao, Fang Li and Michael K. Ng, Generalized Cross-Validation for Total Variation Image Restoration, November 2008
  • (08-10) S. A. Goreinov, I. V. Oseledets, D. V. Savostyanov, E. E. Tyrtyshnikov and N. L. Zamarashkin, How to Find a Good Submatrix, November 2008
  • (08-09) Tieyong Zeng and François Malgouyres, Matching Pursuit Shrinkage in Hilbert Space, October 2008
  • (08-08) Zhidong Bai, Huixia Liu and Wing-Keung Wong, Enhancement of the Applicability of Markowitz's Portfolio Optimization by Utilizing Random Matrix Theory, September 2008
  • (08-07) Martin Egozcue and Wing-Keung Wong, Gains from Diversification on Convex Combinations: A Majorization and Stochastic Dominance Approach, September 2008
  • (08-06) Yu-Mei Huang, Michael K. Ng and You-Wei Wen, A New Total Variation Method for Multiplicative Noise Removal, September 2008
  • (08-05) Gustaaf B. Jacobs and Wai-Sun Don, A Higher Order WENO-Z Finite Difference Based Particle-Source-in-Cell Method for Computation of Particle-Laden Flows with Shocks, September 2008
  • (08-04) Zhi-Hua Zhou, Michael Ng and Qiao-Qiao She, Budget Semi-Supervised Learning, September 2008
  • (08-03) I. V. Oseledets, D. V. Savostyanov and E. E. Tyrtyshnikov, Linear Algebra For Tensor Problems, August 2008
  • (08-02) Michael K. Ng, Guoping Qiu and Andy M. Yip, Numerical Methods for Interactive Multiple Class Image Segmentation Problems, July 2008
  • (08-01) Yu-Mei Huang, Michael K. Ng and You-Wei Wen, Fast Image Restoration Methods for Impulse and Gaussian Noises Removal, May 2008