Double Master Degree
Master of Science in Mathematical Finance
Master of Science in Finance, Investment and Risk

Current Students

It is my pleasure to share my brief experiences on the pursuing of the joint MFFM program in Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) and University of Kent in Canterbury (UKC).
Start a master program on the Mathematical Finance and Financial Markets seem to be challenging for me who has no previous experience at all. Indeed, I was so engaged in theories of Mathematics, programming and Finance during the first semester in HKBU. However, thanks to the decent learning environments within our professors and colleagues, those challenges had successfully converted to the internal cognition of ourselves' which, when I look back, are the very skills in nowadays' financial industry.
Life was different in UKC. However, having received a well training in Mathematics Finance allowed me quickly being adapted to the new study here. The theories of Finance and applications of econometric were carrying out more comprehensively and precisely in the Kent Business School. And in there, we were introduced to do more innovative and independent research on real financial data and cases in our course works, which also helped me profoundly to learn things and practice. Additionally, there were plenty of open resources being shared online and in-school that could be employed to facilitate your own study plan, for myself, I enjoyed a lot of free but decent academic resources on the Actuarial Science.
You won't be disappointed for the educational program here. However, having a realistic view of the academic and personal demands of your chosen profession is helpful to apply these knowledge onto your future career path, besides there are numerous potential opportunities in Hong Kong and UK job markets, so be aware and get yourself prepared to this.
(Ying YANG, MSC MFFM 2014-15 Year 2 Student)

The days in MFFM is awesome, all the instructors are professional and kind. Being quite special, this class is small and full of love, which makes the students care about each other like a family. During the year, we eat together, live together, travel together. The most important is we study together. There are five courses in HKBU, which focus more on the fundamental theories and it builds a great bridge between mathematics and finance. In UKC, the modules focus more on the interpretation of the results. In other words, the ability of organizing a good essay is a must. Also, there are some courses on the foundation of finance, which are quite helpful for students from other majors in undergrad. The combination between these two major is perfect . We seems to be able to discuss the finance problems in a math way as well as a finance way.
(Shufan ZHAN, MSC MFFM 2014-15 Year 2 Student)


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