spaceThe 5th International Conference on
8 - 12 December 2014  
spaceScientific Computing and Partial Differential Equations
On the Occasion of Eitan Tadmor's 60th Birthday



  • MS1: Operator Splitting Methods for PDEs [abs]
    Hermann Brunner

  • MS2: High Order Numerical Methods for Integral Equations [abs]
    Yanping Chen and Ziqing Xie

  • MS3: Mathematical Methods for Biological Systems [abs]
    Alina Chertock and Alex Kurganov

  • MS4: Numerical Method for Deterministic and Stochastic Phase Field Models [abs]
    Xiaobing Feng and Zhonghua Qiao

  • MS5: Domain Decomposition Methods with Applications [abs]
    Jianguo Huang and Xuejun Xu

  • MS6: Parallel and Adaptive Solution of Time-Dependent PDEs [abs]
    Felix Kwok



  • MS7: Applied Harmonic Analysis and Sparse Approximation [abs]
    Gitta Kutyniok and Xiaosheng Zhuang

  • MS8: Interfacial Problems and Applications [abs]
    Ming-Chi Lai

  • MS9: Analysis and Computation for PDE-Based Inverse Problems [abs]
    Hongyu Liu

  • MS10: Recent Trends in the Analysis and Applications of Finite Difference Methods [abs]
    Qin Sheng and I-Liang Chern

  • MS11: Fast Solvers for Large-Scale Linear Systems from Partial Differential Equations [abs]
    Shi Shu, Chen-Song Zhang and Liuqiang Zhong


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