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Accepted Contributed Talks
Alireza Aghasi A Convex Approach to Sparse Shape Composition
Eldar Akhmetgaliyev Boundary Integral Strategy for Laplace Eigenvalue problems
Haider Ali Sign Regulator Based Color Image Segmentation Model
Folkert Bleichrodt Sparse Reconstruction for Tomographic Imaging: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice Using the ASTRA Toolbox
Christina Brandt Inversion of Photoacoustic Tomography using l1-norm Regularization of Shearlet Coefficients
Dominique Brunet Meteorological Data Analysis with Diffeomorphic Demons
Cristina Campi Detection of Bone Profiles in CT Images by Means of the Hough Transform
Anwei Chai Imaging Strong Localized Scatterers
Chong Chen A General Framework of Piecewise-Polynomial Mumford-Shah Model for Image Segmentation
Long Chen A Method for C. Elegans Cell Lineage Tracking Based on Probabilistic Relaxation Labeling (PRL)
Pengwen Chen Recovering Rank-One Matrices via Rank-r Matrices Relaxation
Pui Tung Choi Fast Optimized Harmonic Registration of Genus-0 Closed Surfaces with Landmark Constraints
Noppadol Chumchob A Fast Denoising Approach of Medical Ultrasound Images Corrupted by Combined Additive and Multiplicative Noise on the MIC Architecture
Robert Crandall Image Reconstructions with Improved 3D Block Matching
Boguslaw Cyganek An Overview of Kernel Methods for Tensor Based Classification
Zafer Doğan Spontaneous Brain Activity Detection in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Finite Rate of Innovation
Paul Escande Sparse Approximations of Spatially Varying Blur Operators in the Wavelet Domain
Malena I. Español Optimal Filters for General-Form Tikhonov Regularization
Davide Eynard Laplacian Colormaps: A Framework for Structure-preserving Color Transformations
Jerome Fehrenbach A Stable Scheme to Discretize Anisotropic Diffusion
Y H Fung On the Restoration of Halftones of Green Noise Characteristics
Sara Garbarino Quantification of Glucose Metabolism with Nuclear Imaging PET Data
Maria C. Gonzalez Denoising Results Using Image Reconstruction Techniques Based on Legendre Polynomials Approximation of Continuous Prolate Spheroidal Functions (CPSF)
Andreas Hauptmann Improving D-bar Reconstructions for Electrical Impedance Tomography with Data-driven Post-processing
Rob Hocking Image Inpainting for 3D Conversion
Mazlinda Ibrahim A Composition Model Combining Parametric Transformation and Non-parametric Deformation for Effective Image Registration
Andrei Irimia Multimodal Neuroimaging, Automatic Segmentation and Connectomics in Traumatic Brain Injury: Challenges and Opportunities
Zineb Kaisserli Image De-noising Using Discrete Spectrum of a Schrödinger Operator
Daniel Keegan Simulation of Modified Keller-Segel Chemotaxis Model with Stochastic Parameters
Sangun Kim Surface Reconstruction from Parallel Contours with Exact Contour Constraints
James V. Lambers Numerical Implementation of a New Class of Forward-backward Forward Diffusion Equations for Image Restoration
Andreas Langer Removing Simultaneous Gaussian and Salt-and-pepper Noise by Minimizing a Combined L1-L2-TV Functional
Shousheng Luo Superiorization of EM Iteration and Applications in SPECT Image Reconstruction
Ivan Matveev System of Methods for Iris Segmentation in Image
Ohad Menashe Real-time Compressed Imaging of Scattering Volumes
Hassan Mohy-ud-Din Physiological Clustering: A noise-reduction approach in Quantitative Myocardial Perfusion PET
Changmin Nam Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Methods for the Total Variation Minimization
Chrysa D. Papadaniil Tomographic Reconstruction of 3-D Vector Fields using a Discretized Integral Equations System
Daniël M. Pelt Fast Approximation of Advanced Tomographic Reconstruction Methods
Constantin Popa Adaptive Constraining Strategies with Applications in Image Reconstruction from Projections
Surya Prasath Adaptive Robust Filtering for Vasculature Segmentation in Epifluorescence Microscopy Images
Maaria Rantala Modelling and Analysing Oriented Fibrous Structures
Paul Rodriguez On the Convergence of a New Alternating Minimization Algorithm for Principal Component Pursuit
Naoki Saito On Best Basis Selection from Basis Dictionaries on Graphs
Martin Schmidt Drift-Diffusion Equations in Image Processing
Cheri Shakiban Computer Vision Applications in Characterizing Melanoma and Moles
Sara Soltani Tomographic Reconstruction Using Learned Dictionaries
Robert Spir Tracking of Cells in Zebrafish Embryogenesis by Finding Centered Paths Inside 4D Segmentations
Viktoria Taroudaki Near Optimal Parameter Choice for General Spectral Filters
Giang Tran Non-local Retinex, A Unifying Framework and Beyond
Bambang Krismono Triwijoyo Image Guided Biopsies for Prostate Cancer
Ahmet Hakan Tuncay Breast Surface Reconstruction Based on Radon Transform for Microwave Breast Imaging Applications
Justin W.L. Wan As-Killing-as-possible Image Registration for Tracking of Living Cells from Fluorescent Microscopy
Jianzhong Wang Manifold Embedding Model of Image Patches and Its Application
Jue Wang Comparison of Functional Formulations for Ultrasound Attenuation Compensation and Segmentation
Brendt Wohlberg Convolutional Sparse Representations: Algorithms and Applications
Hyenkyun Woo Total Variation based Speckle Reduction Method
Meihua Xie Regularized Sparse Representation Method for Image Interpolation
Haibo Xu An Active Contour Model for Selective Segmentation
Haizhao Yang Synchrosqueezed Curvelet Transform for 2D Mode Decomposition
Yi Yang Fast Algorithms for Adaptive Temporal Compression in Video Data
Marina Yashina Artificial Intelligence and Traffic: Problems, Devices, Methods, Theorems
Lijun Yu Dynamical Estimation of Brain Activities from MEG Data
Yongjian Yu Spectral Variational Method for Grid Removal in Digital Radiography
Athanasios Zacharopoulos Creating and Utilising Prior Anatomical Information for Preclinical Brain Imaging with Fluorescence Molecular Tomography
Rim Gouia Zarrad Reconstructing a Function from its Conical Radon transform
Chao Zhang Efficient Smoothing Method for Image Restoration Using Nonsmoooth Regularization
Jiani Zhang Tensor Nuclear Norm for High-Resolution Video Enhancement
Jianping Zhang Factional-order Derivative Regularization with Application to Two Imaging Models
Zhizhen Zhao Fourier-Bessel Rotational Invariant Eigenimages
Xiqiang Zheng Applications of Fast Fourier Transforms on Optimal Sampling Lattices in CT Image Reconstruction
Xiao Xiang Zhu Exploiting Sparsity in Remote Sensing for Earth Observation