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  • 10 October 2019 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    Prof Liu Jun, Department of Mathematics, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
    Mixed Noise Removal by Integrating Variational and Deep Learning Methods

  • 17 July 2019 11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
    Prof Yuping Duan, Department of Mathematics, Tianjin University, China
    Spatially adapted first and second order regularization for image reconstruction: from an image surface perspective

  • 17 July 2019 10:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.
    Prof Huibin Chang, Department of Mathematics, Tianjin Normal University, China
    Fast convergent splitting algorithms for phase retrieval with/without sparse prior

  • 19 June 2019 4:30 a.m. - 5:30 a.m.
    Prof Tong Kang, Department of Applied Mathematics, School of Sciences Communication University of China
    Fully discrete T-ψ finite element method to solve a nonlinear induction hardening problem

  • 14 June 2019 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
    Prof Wei Cai, Department of Mathematics, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, United State
    Algorithms for Wave Scattering of Random Media: Fast multipole method in layered media and a phase shift deep neural network for wideband learning

  • 22 May 2019 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    Prof Irina Markina, Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen, Norway
    Extremal curves on Stiefel manifolds

  • 16 May 2019 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    Prof Liu Haiguang, Beijing Computational Science Research Center, Beijing, China
    Making molecular movies with X-ray Lasers

  • 16 May 2019 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Prof Zhang Zhimin, Beijing Computational Science Research Center, Beijing, China
    Why spectral methods are preferred in PDE eigenvalue computations in some cases?

  • 16 October 2018 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    Prof Liu Jun, Department of Mathematics, Beijing Normal University, China
    Mixture Model in Deep Learning and Its Applications

  • 16, 19 October 2015
    Prof. Charles K. Chui (Stanford University, USA)
    Data-driven atomic decomposition of real-world signals

  • 23, 30 September, 7 October 2015
    Prof. Patrick Louis COMBTTES (Pierre and Marie Curie University, France)
    CMIV Short Course on Proximal Optimization

  • 9 April 2015
    Dr. Chian-Yi Liu (National Central University, Taiwan)
    The Institute of Computational and Theoretical Studies (ICTS) Data Assimilation Program
    Lecture 1: Introduction to Numerical Weather Prediction and Data Assimilation
    Lecture 2: The Impact of Advanced Infrared and Microwave Soundings on Short-term Weather Forecast

  • 13 November 2014
    Prof. Hong Wang (University of South Carolina, USA)
    Lecture 1: Fast Numerical Methods for Space-fractional Diffusion Equations
    Lecture 2: Mathematical Analysis for Fractional Differential Equations

  • 3 October 2014
    Dr. Xavier Bresson (Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland)
    Lecture 1: Total Variation Data Analysis - A Non-linear Spectral Framework for Machine Learning
    Lecture 2: Matrix Completion on Graphs

  • 30 May 2014
    Prof. Hans De Sterck (University of Waterloo, Canada)
    Speeding Up ALS for Canonical Tensor Decomposition Using Nonlinear Krylov Methods and Multigrid

  • 3 April 2014
    Dr. Andy Yip (Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore)
    Signal Denoising and Shape-from-shading using Mean Curvature

  • 28 January 2014
    Prof. Lars Eldén (Department of Mathematics, Linköping University)
    Tensor Computations and Applications in Information Sciences

  • 21 January 2014
    Dr. Haiping Lu (Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University)
    Multilinear Subspace Learning: Adaptation of Tensor Decompositions for Learning Compact Features from Big Data

  • 11 November 2013
    CMIV and ICTS Joint Colloquium
    Professor Adrian Sandu (Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech)
    Lecture 1: Fundamentals of Data Assimilation I -- Ensemble Based Methods
    Lecture 2: Fundamentals of Data Assimilation II -- Variational Methods

  • 22 April 2013
    Dr. Xiaosheng Zhuang, (Department of Mathematics. City University of Hong Kong)
    Wavelets, Shearlets, and Mathematical Imaging

  • 16 April 2013
    Prof. Paul Van Dooren, (Universite' Catholique de Louvain, ICTEAM, Belgium)
    Some Graph Optimization Problems in Data Mining

  • 28 March 2013
    Dr. Yuk Tung Ngan, (Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist University)
    Big Data Analytics in Transportation V Outlier Detection in Traffic Data Based on Dirichlet Process Mixture Model

  • 21 March 2013
    Dr. Yuk Tung Ngan, (Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist University)
    Pattern Recognition on Automation, Social Signal Processing, Visual Surveillance and Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • 25 February 2013
    Professor Chu Delin, (Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore, Singapore)
    A Quadratic Inverse Eigenvalue Problem in Finite Element Model Updating

  • 14 January 2013
    Professor Yuan Yao (School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University)
    Robust Statistical Ranking on Graphs

  • 14 August 2012
    Professor Jean-Luc Starck, (CEA/Saclay, France)
    2D and 3D Multiscale Geometric Transforms

  • 9 August 2012
    Professor Zhiping Lin (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
    Lecture 1 & 2: Computer Algebra and Its Applications to Circuits, Signals, and Systems

  • 29 June 2012
    Professor K. Chen, (University of Liverpool)
    Lecture 1: On Some Variational Models for Image Segmentation
    Lecture 2: Mean Curvature Regularisation with Application in Deformable Registration Models

  • 8 February 2012
    Prof. Jian Sun (Tsinghua University)
    Laplace Operator and Heat Kernel for Shape Analysis

  • 3 January 2012
    Prof. Esmond G. Ng (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
    Large Scale Ice Sheet Modeling and Simulation

  • 11 July 2011
    Dr. Andy Yip (National University of Singapore)
    Semi-Supervised Subspace Learning for Mumford-Shah Model Based Texture Segmentation

  • 14 January 2011
    Prof. Xue-Cheng Tai (Nanyang Technological University)
    A Fast Algorithm for Euler’s Elastica Model Using Augmented Lagrangian Method

  • 18 October 2010
    Prof. Per Christian Hansen (Technical University of Denmark)
    Semi-Convergence and Relaxation Parameters for a Class of SIRT Algorithms

  • 12 March 2010
    Prof. Taesung Park (Seoul National University)
    Gene-Gene Interaction Analysis for the Genome-wide Association Studies: Analysis of Korea Genome-wide Association Data

  • 3 March 2010
    Prof. Luonan Chen (Osaka Sangyo University)
    Prediction of Protein-RNA Binding Sites by a Random Forest Method with Combined Features

  • 15 October 2009
    Dr. Min Chen (ASTRI)
    The Future of LCD TV: LED Backlight and Dynamic Backlight Control

  • 14 August 2009
    Prof. Miroslav Tuma (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)
    (i) Importance of Structure in Algebraic Preconditioners and (ii) Matrix-free Triangular Updates for Solving Sequences of Linear Algebraic Systems

  • 31 July 2009
    Prof. Qiu Guoping (University of Nottingham)
    Optimization Problems in Image Processing

  • 17 April 2009
    Prof. Patrick L. Combettes (Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6)
    On the Geometry of Moment Problems

  • 1 April 2009
    Prof. Mila Nikolova (Centre de Mathematiques et de Leurs Applications (CMLA), ENS de Cachan)
    Qualitaive Features of the Minimizers of Energies and Implications on Modelling

  • 24 March 2009
    Prof.Tony Hu (Drexel University)
    Web-based Question-Answering

  • 16-20 July 2007
    Prof. Zhi-Hua Zhou (Nanjing University)
    Multi-Instance Learning Revisited

  • 21 June 2007
    Dr. Andy Yip
    A Primal-Dual Active-Set Method for Non-negativity Constrained Total Variation Deblurring Problems

  • 8 May 2007 
    Prof. Kin Hong Wong
    Real-Time Pose Tracking and Model Reconstruction

  • January-February 2007
    Prof. Francois Malgouyres
    Lecture Series:
    (i) Defining a Data Fidelity Term by a Polytope: Application to Image Restoration and Compression
    (ii) Projecting onto a Polytope Simplifies Data Distributions: Theory and Some Applications
    (iii) Primal-dual Implementation of the Basis Pursuit Algorithm

  • February-April 2007
    Prof. Mila Nikolova
    Lecture Series: Optimization for Image Restoration

  • 7 November 2006
    Prof. Ke Chen
    Optimization-based Multilevel Methods for Image Restoration

  • 31 October 2006
    Prof. Lothar Reichel
    Iterative Methods for Tikhonov Regularization

  • 3 October 2006
    Dr. Rafal Zdunek
    Algorithms and Applications for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization 

  • 4 September 2006
    Mr. Adams Kong
    Introduction to Beometrics and a Case Study of Palmprint Identification

  • 4 September 2006 
    Prof. Limsoon Wong
    Protein Function Prediction by Information Fusion

  • 4 August 2006
    Prof. Hocine Cherifi
    Hypergraph Based Low Level Vision Processing

  • 11-12 July 2006
    Prof. Tony Hu
    Lecture Series:
    (i) A Unified Architecture for Searching, Extracting and Mining Large Biomedical Literature Databases
    (ii) Network Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions

  • 4 July 2006
    Prof. Selim Esedoglu
    Finding Global Minimizers of Segmentation and Denoising Functionals

  • 7 June 2006 
    Prof. Chen Yunmei
    Active Contour Method for Image Segmentation & Segmentation with Shape and Intensity Priors

  • 29 May 2006
    Prof. Xu Zhiqiang
    Using Multivariate Splines to Study Problems in Discrete Mathematics 

  • February-April 2006
    CMIV Seminar (05-06 2nd semester)

  • 13 December 2005
    Hong Kong Imaging Science Colloquium

  • October-December 2005
    CMIV Seminar (05-06 1st semester)










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