CMIV Workshop on
Computational Methods and Image Processing

20 August 2013
Hong Kong Baptist University

FSC1217, Fong Shu Chuen Building,
Ho Sin Hang Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University
Fang Li (East China Normal University)
Jianwei Ma (Harbin Institute of Technology)
Shiqian Ma (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Xiaoming Yuan (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Wenxing Zhang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
Xi-Le Zhao (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
14:00-14:35 Jianwei Ma
Seismic Data Interpolation via Sparse and Low-Rank Methods
14:35-15:10 Fang Li
Variational Methods in Remote Sensing Image Fusion and Pan-Sharpening
15:10-15:45 Xi-Le Zhao
A New Convex Optimization Model for Multiplicative Noise and Blur Removal
15:45-16:00 Break
16:00-16:35 Shiqian Ma
Low-Rank Tensor Optimization Problems
16:35-17:10 Wenxing Zhang
Modeling Study on Point Spread Function Estimation in Ground-Based Astronomy
17:10-17:45 Xiaoming Yuan
Some New Results on the Primal-Dual Method for Saddle Point Problems
Centre for Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Hong Kong Baptist University