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Event(s) on September 2013

  • Tuesday, 3rd September, 2013

    Title: Mathematics is Around Us
    Speaker: Prof. Zhi-Ming Ma, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences, China
    Time/Place: 17:30  -  18:30 (Preceded by Reception at 5:00pm)
    RRS905, Sir Run Run Shaw Building, HSH Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University
    Abstract: Mathematics is distinguished from other disciplines of science. From natural science to human being society, from high technology to daily life, mathematics exists always and everywhere. In this talk, I shall combine with my own academic experience tell you some story about how mathematics is always around us.

  • Tuesday, 24th September, 2013

    Title: Stochastic Ferromagnetism - Modelling, Analysis, and Numerics
    Speaker: Prof. Andreas Prohl, Department of Mathematics, University of Tuebingen, Germany
    Time/Place: 11:00  -  12:00
    FSC1217, Fong Shu Chuen Library, HSH Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University
    Abstract: The Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation is a nonlinear PDE to describe the evolution of magnetization in ferromagnetic materials: its solutions evolve on the sphere, and fi nite-time blow-up behavior may occur. I discuss convergent space-time discretizations in the fi rst part of the talk. A related study of dynamics at smaller spatial scales requires to consider the stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation based on Langevin-dynamics for spins, whose statistical averages constitute magnetizations. Again, convergent discretizations are constructed, and computational studies are reported which discuss the role of the driving noise. This is joint work with Z. Brzezniak (U York) and M. Neklyudov (U Sydney).

  • Thursday, 26th September, 2013

    Title: A Powerful Test for One-Way ANOVA for Functional Data
    Speaker: Dr. ZHANG Jin-Ting , Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, National University of Singapore, Singapore
    Time/Place: 14:30  -  15:30
    FSC1217, Fong Shu Chuen Library, HSH Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University
    Abstract: In this talk, we discuss a powerful global test, namely Fmax-test, for the one-way ANOVA problem for functional data. The Fmax-test statistic is the maximum value of the usual pointwise F-test statistic over a given interval. We discuss the asymptotic random expression of the test statistic and study its asymptotic power. We show that the Fmax-test is root-n consistent. Via some simulation studies, we show that in terms of size-controlling and power, the Fmax-test outperforms some existing testing procedures when the functional data are highly and moderately correlated. We illustrate the Fmax-test using a real data example. Key words and phrases: F-type test; L2-norm based test; one-way ANOVA for functional data; pointwise F-test.



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