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Event(s) on September 2020

  • Wednesday, 30th September, 2020

    Title: Graphical Models in Machine Learning, Networks, and Uncertainty Quantification
    Speaker: Prof. Andrea L. Bertozzi, UCLA, USA
    Time/Place: 10:00  -  11:00
    Zoom, (Meeting ID: 965 8739 2106)
    Abstract: This talk is an overview of recent work graph models for classification using similarity graphs, for community detection in networks, and for the subgraph isomorphism problem in multichannel networks. The equivalence between the graph mincut problem and total variation minimization on the graph allows one to cast graph-cut variational problems in the language of total variation minimization, thus creating a parallel between low dimensional data science problems in Euclidean space (e.g. image segmentation) and high dimensional clustering. Semi-supervised learning with a small amount of training data can be carried out in this framework with diverse applications ranging from hyperspectral pixel classification to identifying motion in video data. It can also be extended to the context of uncertainty quantification with Gaussian noise models. The problem of community detection in networks also has a graph-cut structure and algorithms are presented for the use of threshold dynamics for modularity optimization. With efficient methods, this allows for the use of network modularity for unsupervised machine learning problems with unknown number of classes.



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