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Event(s) on May 2021

  • Wednesday, 12th May, 2021

    Title: Detection Theory and Industrial Applications
    Speaker: Prof Jean-Michel Morel, Université Paris-Saclay
    Time/Place: 16:00  -  17:00
    Zoom, (Meeting ID: 917 0834 7149)
    Abstract: “Detection” is the most frequent request made by researchers, industrials, police, press, defense agencies, for exploiting images, images series, video, among other data. “Detection” means that an automatic decision must be made. A wrong decision may entail costs and false alerts if it is falsely positive, and worse costs, accidents and disasters if it is falsely negative. Therefore, “detection” requests a general mathematical theory to control the “number of false alarms” and give tight detection thresholds. This theory exists, it uses simple (but sometimes subtle) probability arguments, mixed with a fine control of image and video features. In this talk, I will describe the theory. I will illustrate it with a reinterpretation of classic examples, like roulette and birthdays in a class, then pass to a quick survey of real applications: detection of alignments, histogram modes, anomalies, image forgeries, clouds in satellite images, etc. Joint work with Rafael Grompone von Gioi.

  • Thursday, 27th May, 2021

    Title: Model Checking for Parametric Ordinary Differential Equations Systems
    Speaker: Mr LIU Ran, Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
    Time/Place: 09:00  -  11:00
    Zoom, Meeting ID: 952 7080 4228 Password: 654327
    Abstract: Ordinary differential equations have been used to model dynamical systems in a broad range. In this thesis, we investigate the model checking problem for parametric ordinary differential equations systems. We first propose a test for checking the whole system in both cases of random and fixed designs. Then we consider how to check each component function and give two tests. We also study the high-dimensional case with divergent equations and parameters, providing both local and global smoothing tests. The asymptotic properties of these tests and the corresponding estimation methods are presented. To examine performances of these tests, we conduct several numerical simulations and applications.



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