Workshop on the

Complexity of Multivariate Problems

October 4-8, 1999, in Hong Kong

Introduction Welcome to the Workshop on the Complexity of Multivariate Problems, which will be held at Hong Kong Baptist University, October 4-8, 1999. Ths workshop is the first in a series being held during the Fall 1999 Special Semester on Foundations of Computational Mathematics in Hong Kong organized by the City University of Hong Kong. Around 60 international scholars from different disciplines and countries will participate in this workshop. We hope that this forum will provide opportunities for fruitful exchange on recent advances in both theory and application.

We are glad that you will be joining us. This Final Announcement provides you with information to help you prepare for the Workshop. The homepage "Workshop Hightlights" highlights special features of the program, and the page "Coming and Going" gives advice on travel, sightseeing and shopping. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the organizers.

Acknowledgements This workshop would not be possible without substantial financial donations from the following organizations:

Stephen Smale and Felipé Cuker from City University of Hong Kong drew together several local and overseas academics to organize the Fall 1999 Special Semester on Foundations of Computational Mathematics in Hong Kong. Three other workshops are planned for this semester, all to be held at City University:

  • Complexity of Equation Solving and Algebra, October 11-15
  • Minimal Energy Problems, November 8-12
  • Wavelets and Multiresolution, November 29-December 3

    To find out more visit the FoCM web page or follow the links from this webpage.

    Part of the donation by the Epson Foundation is subsidising the Epson Foundation Session on Finance and the Epson Foundation Banquet. The donation by the K. C. Wong Foundation supports Mainland Chinese scholars to attend the Workshop. In addition to a monetary grant, Hong Kong Baptist University provided free use of the conference facilities.

    The workshop organizers, Fred J. Hickernell and Henryk Wozniakowski, are assisted by Gang Wei, Elsa Fong, Alfred Ngai, and Tammy Lam, all from the Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist University.

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