Workshop on Scientific Computing 99

June 27-30, 1999, in Hong Kong

Second Announcement

Purpose and Themes This three-day workshop is the sequel to the series of workshops on Scientific Computing that were held in Hong Kong in the past few years. It aims to promote research interest in scientific computation for local mathematicians and engineers and to foster contacts and exchanges with experts from other parts of the world. This year the workshop will feature a special session on modern methods for solv ing partial differential equation, including

  • Finite Element/Spectral/Multigrid Methods
  • Multi-Scale Approximations
  • Numerical Optimization
  • Numerical Linear Algebra

    Title and abstracts: (in postscript format)


    Invited Speakers:
      Weizhu Bao (Tsinghua, PRC)
    Xiaoliang Cheng (Hangzhou, PRC)
    Zhimin Chen (Academia Sinica, PRC)
    I-Liang Chern (NTU, Taiwan)
    Jun-Zhi Cui (Academia Sinica, PRC)
    Weinan E (Courant Institute, USA)
    Ming Gu (UCLA, USA)
    Weimin Han (Iowa, USA)
    Steve Hou (Iowa State, USA)
    Yunqing Huang (Xiangtan, PRC)
    Shi Jin (Georgia Tech, USA)
    G.Y. Lei (Beijing, PRC)
    Yuesheng Li (Zhongsan, PRC)
    Zhilin Li (NC State, USA)
    C.-T. Lin (Providence, Taiwan)
    Ping Lin (NUS, Singapore)
    Yanping Lin (Alberta, Canada)
    Qun Lin (Academia Sinica, PRC)
    X.-D. Liu (UCSB,USA)
    Jian-Guo Liu (Maryland, USA)
    Wenbin Liu (Kent, UK)
    Fumin Ma (Jilin, PRC)
    Heping Ma (Shanghai, PRC)
    Mo Mu (HKUST, HK)
    Jie Shen (Penn State, USA)
    Zhong-Ci Shi (Academia Sinica, PRC)
    Chi-Wang Shu (Brown, USA)
    Zhenhuan Teng (Peking, PRC)
    Justin Wan (Stanford, USA)
    Junping Wang (Wyoming, USA)
    Renhong Wang (Dalian, PRC)
    Weicheng Wang (Tsinghua, Taiwan)
    Xiaoping Wang (HKUST, HK)
    Xinghua Wang (Hangzhou, PRC)
    Zhouping Xin (CUHK & NYU)
    Jinchao Xu (Penn State, USA)
    Weimin Xue (HKBU, HK)
    Qiang Ye (Manitoba, Canada)
    Long-An Ying (Peking, PRC)
    Jinyun Yuan (Stanford, USA)
    Ya-Xiang Yuan (Academia Sinica, PRC)
    Guanquan Zhang (Academia Sinica, PRC)
    Pingwen Zhang (Peking, PRC)
    Shangyou Zhang (Delaware, USA )
    Shao-Liang Zhang (Tokyo, Japan)
    Zhimin Zhang (Texas Tech, USA)
    Hongkai Zhao (Stanford, USA)
    Tianxiao Zhou (Xi'an, PRC)
    You-Lan Zhu (UNCC, USA)
    Jun Zou (CUHK, HK)

    There will also be contributed talks. To present a talk, submit an abstract of less than 300 words to the address below, preferably electronically, by April 10, 1999.

    Feng Kang Prize Award: The winners of Feng Kang prize for 1999 will present their work in the workshop.
    Sponsorship. We would like to thank to our donors for their generous support:

    Registration. All participants in the Workshop must register. The registration fee is US$100.

    Venue and Accommodations. The Workshop will be held at Hong Kong Baptist University. We have made special arrangements for workshop participants to be accommodated in Baptist University Guest House (HK$350/Twin-bed Room), Chinese University Guest House (HK$390/Twin-bed Room, HK$330/Single Room, or Royal Plaze Hotel (HK$580/Standard Twin-bed Room). For reservation of rooms, please contact us at the address below.

    Local Travel. Hong Kong has an excellent public transportation system, consisting of underground trains, trains, buses and taxis. Frequency of service is every few minutes. The Hong Kong Baptist University is a short walk from the Kowloon Tong underground railway station. The E22 bus travels between the University and Hong Kong International Airport.

    Organizing Committee. Raymond Chan (Co-Chair, CUHK), Tao Tang (Co-Chair, HKBU), Qiang Du (HKUST), Shiu-Hung Hou (HKPU), Michael Ng (HKU), Xiao-Nan Wu (HKBU) and Qiang Zhang (CityU).

    Beijing Conference. The 1999 International Conference on Scientific and Engineering Computing for Young Chinese Scientists will be held from July 1 to July 4 in Beijing. For further information please send email to Professor Zhong-Zhi Bai or visit

    Contact Information. To find out the latest information on this workshop visit our web page at the address below.
      Scientific Computing 99
    c/o Department of Mathematics
    Hong Kong Baptist University
    Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
    Phone: (852)2339-7015
    Fax: (852)2339-5811