List of Abstracts (in alphabetic order of speaker's last name)

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Zhong-zhi Bai, ICMSEC, Chinese Academy of Science, China
A class of two-stage iterative methods for systems of weakly nonlinear equations

A. Bjorck, Linkoping U, Sweden
Newton and Rayleigh quotient Methods for Total Least Squares Problems

W.F. Blyth, RMIT, Australia
Efficient and accurate parameter estimation for linear, bilinear and nonlinear systems using Walsh functions

D. Boley, U of Minnesota, USA
Factorization of Hankel Matrices

Richard Brent, Australian National U, Australia
Numerical Stability of Some Fast Algorithms for Structured Matrices

D.Y. Cai Tsinghua University, China
On Inhomogeneous Eigenproblems and Pseudospectra of Matrices

Tony F. Chan, UCLA, USA
Multigrid preconditioners for total variation image deblurring

Xiao-Wen Chang, McGill U, Canada
Perturbation Analyses for the Cholesky Factorization with Backward Rounding Errors

M. Drexler, NAG, and Gene H. Golub, Stanford U.
Efficient Solution of the Jacobian System in Newton's Method Close to a Root

Lars Elden, Linkoping U, Sweden
The Numerical Solution of Orthogonal Procrustes Problems

Walter Gander, ETH Zentrum, Switzerland
Cyclic Reduction - History and Applications

Bill C.W. Gear, NEC Research Inst. Inc.
Scientific Computing in Computer Vision

Gene H. Golub (KEYNOTE SPEAKER), Stanford U, USA
Tikhonov Regularization for Large Scale Problems

Fred J. Hickernell, HKBU
Computing Multivariate Normal Probabilities Using Rank-l Lattice Sequences

Grafton W.H. Hui, HKUST
The Role of Coordinates in the Accurate Computation of Discontinuous Flow

Rolf Jeltsch, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Error estimators for the position of discontinuities in hyperbolic conservation laws with source terms which are solved sing operator splitting

Jixiu Jiang, University of New South Wales, Australia
Detecting Chaos in Non-linear Dynamical Systems by Trajectory Predictions and Innovation Tests

Kh.T. Kholmurodov, Joint Institution for Nuclear Research, Russia
Numerical Simulation of 2D Gas Transfer Dynamics in an Adsorbing Open System of the Interacting Particles

Holger Kraus, De Montfort University, England
Wavelets, signal processing and textile surfaces

Mong-Shu Lee, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan
Size-location patterns of different wavelets in signal processing

Jiaming Li, The University of New South Wales, Australia
Efficient Image Compression Scheme Using Tree Structure Wavelet Transforms

Li-Zhi Liao, HKBU
Numerical Experiment for Large-Scale Optimization Problems

Hai Xiang Lin, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Parallel Optimization for TSP

Zhouchen Lin
Numerical Analysis of the Bulging of Continuously Cast Slabs

Schwarz alternating Methods for Eigenvalue and Nonlinear Problems

Frank Luk, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Exponential Decomposition

Ramesh Natarajan, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA
The Bias and Variance of Finite Element Discretizations for FFT-Based Kernel Density Estimation

Michael K. Ng, Australian National University, Australia
Temporal Data Mining with a Case Study of Astronomical Data Analysis

Robert J. Plemmons, Wake Forest University, USA
Regularized Blind Deconvolution using Recursive Inverse Filtering

Takashi Nodera, Keio University, Japan
An Adaptive Restarting Procedure for Pseudo-Residual Methods

E.R. Pike, King's College London, England
Quadratic programming methods for positive solutions of ill-conditioned linear inverse problems with constrained singular-function coefficients

G. Rex, University of Leipzig, Germany
Fixed Point Theorems and Error Bounds for Solutions of Equations

Shaobing Chen, David Donoho, Michael Saunders, Stanford University, USA
Basis Pursuit for Signal Analysis

T.M. Shih, Z.X. Su, F.T. Chau
Multiscale Edge Detection of Images from its Radon Transform

Werner Stuetzle, University of Washington, USA
Algorithmic Aspects of Shape Photography

Ji-guang Sun, Umea University, Sweden
On optimal backward perturbation bounds

Roman W. Swiniarski, San Diego State U, USA
NeuroRoughSetsLab an Intelligent Data Processing Software Laboratory for Rough Sets Neural Networks and Image Processing

Daniel B. Szyld, Temple University, USA
Permutations for preconditioning of discretizations of convection-diffusion equations

Tao Tang, Simon Fraser U, Canada, visiting CUHK
Adaptive Methods for Singular Perturbation Problems

Paul Van Dooren, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Orthogonal matrix decompositions of matrix sequences and applications

Curt Vogel, Montana State U, USA
Solution of Linear System Arising in Nonlinear Image Deblurring

Guorong Wang
A New Application of Leverrier's Algorithm for Orthogonal Polynomial Bases

J.Z. Cui, Academic Sinica and Y.L. Wang, Zhengzhou U, China
The Finite Element Methods Based on Two-Scale Analysis

D.Y. Cai, Tsinghua U, China and Wei-min Xue, HKBU, HK
3-D Jacobi rotation method for eigenvalue problems of matrices

Jiahong Yin, UNICAMP, Brazil
Image reconstruction from parallel projections based on wavelet decomposition

Sifen Zhong, Princeton University, USA
Adaptive Image Smoothing Respecting Feature Direction

Zhiming Chen and Jun Zou, CUHK, HK
An efficient finite element approach for solving interface problems

Jia-chang Sun, Chinese Academy of Science, China Parallel block elimination algorithm for generalized eigen-problem and it's application on crystal electronic structure