Direction to Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) is situated in Kowloon Tong Area which is the Northern Part of the Kowloon Penninsula of Hong Kong. It is very near (about 5 minutes' drive by car) to the Hong Kong International Airport.

The University has two campuses. The Campus where the workshop venue is located is the Shaw Campus along the Renfrew Road.

Shaw Campus, HKBU
"Shaw Campus" in Chinese

Transports nearby includes :

Mass Transit Railway (MTR)

The campus is also very near to two consecutive MTR stations, namely, Kowloon Tong and Lok Fu station. You can reach the conference venue by hiring a Taxi at the taxi stop from either of the MTR stations. The Taxi fare is not more than HKD 20.00 (approx. US2.5). We recommend you come from Lok Fu station where it is nearer.

Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR)

The Kowloon Tong KCR station is located side by side with the MTR station. With the KCR train, you can reach the Kowloon Terminal in 10 minutes, the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 15 minutes and also other parts of the New Territories.

Direction to the Workshop Venue

The first workshop day will be held in Room NAB 209, Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Shaw Campus, HKBU, Renfrew Road, Kowloon Tong.

Lam Woo International Conference Centre
"Lam Woo International Conference Centre" in Chinese

You can hire a Taxi from the above MTR and KCR stations and stop at the entrance of the Conference Centre, then enter through two glass doors, you can find the registration desk. The room is just right to the desk.