HKBU Mathematician shares his passion for mathematics (Sing Tao Daily and Headline Daily)

Date: 17 December, 2021

Sing Tao daily and Headline Daily carried a feature interview with Dr Sean Hon, Assistant Professor of the Department of Mathematics, lined up by CPRO on his passion for mathematics. Dr Hon is also a recipient of the Early Career Award presented by the Research Grants Council.

Dr Hon joined HKBU last year and he has been involved in a number of trans-disciplinary research projects, including applied research on image processing. His current research focus is numerical linear algebra, which fundamentally helps solving problems on image processing, as well as the mathematics of data science. He often illustrates the applications of mathematics with 3D animations such as Frozen, which help people to understand abstract concepts.

His enthusiasm for mathematics stemmed from his master’s studies, when he met his mentors and established his career path. After studying and working in Britain and Singapore, Dr Hon chose to return to Hong Kong to strive for research excellence.

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