Our Students Joined Startup Semester Programme (Fall 2021) in UC Berkeley

Date: December, 2021

JIA Jingwen Sharing

Hi, I am Adelaide Jingwen Jia, a junior student majoring in mathematics and statistics. I think I am lucky enough to be chosen and gain a reference from the Department of Mathematics to participate in this Startup Semester Program. Meanwhile, our department has provided me up to 30,000 HKD to support me to study at UC Berkeley and sponsored me the rest of tuition fees at UC Berkeley nearly 6000 USD. I really appreciate this opportunity and I have tried my best to understand the Berkeley culture and gain more diversified experience for trips or study. I think what I can do during this semester is to gain a higher GPA and make contributions to our department. I think I am lucky enough to be chosen as an intern for Procter & Gamble Company in San Francisco in Product Design Department to do the research for their Philippine markets. I have time to meet the related project leaders and product managers. After the whole semester’s effort, I have gained 3.7 for this fall semester and our project for P& G Company has been approved by the management and decided to put it into practice in 2022. It’s my honor to have this opportunity at UC Berkeley. Based on this experience, I have gained an offer from HSBC for their Student Work Placement Program in 2022. I cannot use words to describe how much this experience influence me. All in all, without our reference, sponsorship, and Cindy’s continuous help, I don’t think I can gain so diversified and unforgettable experience.

Websites: youtu.be/2uxHL8hGqPk,   scet.berkeley.edu/global/student-profiles/

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