Our Students Joined Startup Semester Programme (Spring 2022) in UC Berkeley

Date: August 2022

ZHANG Haolin Sharing

Studying at UCB is a valuable and amazing experience. I studied Entrepreneurship and Math. Life here is full of challenges and opportunities. I took part in research on number theory with my math professor. I learned a lot from it and explore new knowledge. This experience also helps me in my future career. After studying Entrepreneurship, I get to know the social problems that need to solve in the future and how can I solve them step by step. Experiencing a different culture is also amazing. I traveled a lot in the U.S. and explore the culture. During this experience, I found myself growing up quickly in every aspect. I need to handle every problem that I faced and catch every chance proactively.

This program is wonderful. Thank HKBU Math department and KTO that giving me this wonderful chance to learn and explore my potential.

Websites: youtu.be/2uxHL8hGqPk,   scet.berkeley.edu/global/student-profiles/

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