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Current developments in new image processing hardware, the advent of multisensor data fusion, and rapid advances in vision research have led to an explosive growth in the interdisciplinary field of imaging science. This growth has resulted in the development of highly sophisticated mathematical models and theories. 

The Centre for Mathematical Imaging and Vision (CMIV) emphasizes the role of mathematics as a rigorous basis for imaging science. Emphasis is placed on innovative or established computational mathematical and statistical techniques applied to vision and imaging problems in a novel way, as well as new developments and problems in mathematics arising from these applications.

The CMIV serves two main purposes:

  1. To promote basic and applied research in mathematical imaging and vision, computational imaging methods and image analysis and recognition;

  2. To provide a research environment for faculty and graduate students with research interests in the aforementioned areas. Faculty members from various departments are involved in the CMIV and the CMIV facilitates their interaction with each other, domestic and international visitors from universities and industry. The CMIV is the site for several seminars and conferences for representatives from other universities.


We have graduate students and postdoc.

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Lectures and Seminars

We have organized distinguished lectures and seminars since 2005.

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Conferences and Workshops

We have organized 35 conferences and workshops.

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Centre for Mathematical Imaging and Vision
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