Final Year Projects

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2021-22 FYP

  • Yuxue ZHANG
    A comparison of passing speed and time between Traffic Light and Roundabout by simulation

2020-21 FYP

2019-20 FYP

  • Chun On CHAN
    Trade foreign exchange using machine learning techniques

  • Yin Ming Isaiah WONG
    Understanding algorithmic trading in mathematical ways

  • Wing Shan YAU
    Optimization for traffic congestion among 3 crossing harbour tunnels

  • Lok Man CHOW
    Classifying trading signals using machine learning

2018-19 FYP

  • Shuk Man TONG
    Solving constrained least-squares problems with various approaches

  • Tsz Yam Jimmy KWOK
    Understanding deep learning process in mathematical way

2017-18 FYP

  • Zechu FENG
    Using Gaussian process for minimization

2016-17 FYP

2015-16 FYP

  • Chi Man KU
    Simulating wave equation on smooth surfaces by general finite difference

  • Wai Lam TANG
    Simulating heat equation on smooth surfaces with fnitie difference method


2013-14 FYP

  • Duo CAO
    Numerical simulations for two-dimensional space fractional heat equations

  • Ka Kit LIU
    Optimal cross harbor tunnels fares by simulations

  • Chi Wing CHAN
    Numerical evidence for improved MPF

  • Mei Ho CHOW
    Cycle of poverty--From probability to Government policy

  • Wing Hung LEUNG
    Numerical studies on income independent birthrates

  • Wan Man WONG
    Simulating the effects of poverty line linked policies

  • Chun Yip YEUNG
    Investigate public housing policy in Hong Kong and improve its productiveness

2012-13 FYP

  • Kam Yi CHUA
    Babies who are born in Hong Kong by mainland women and fathers are not Hong Kong permanent residents

  • Chui Yi HO
    Modeling the road for July 1st protests

  • Wai Lin LING
    The effectiveness of the concessionary measure: “Ride 10 Get 1 Free” which MTR offered

  • Oi Laam WU
    Which rule is better used to determine minimum wage

  • Chin Cheung YU
    The myth of the property price indices–A mathematical study on the trend of property price in Hong Kong

  • Wai Fan YUEN
    Child policy in Hong Kong

2011-12 FYP

  • Sing Lum CHAN
    Perturbation bounds and effective condition numbers

  • Yang BAI
    Weak solution of space-time fractional diffusion equation with spectral Galerkin method

2010-11 FYP

  • Ka Chun CHEUNG
    Study of cubic interpolated propagation method

  • Lai Wa CHOW
    Mathematics around us

  • Yan Lam LUK
    Computational Math in Life

2009-10 FYP

  • Jianchen ZHU
    A spectral method for space time fractional diffusion equation

2008-09 FYP

2007-08 FYP

  • Guanyu CHEN
    Effective condition number as estimation to accuracy of RBF

  • Kin Man LAW
    Effective condition number

  • Suet Hin MUI
    Effective condition number on radial basis function

  • Lok Yan POON
    Effective condition number with the RBF approach

  • Kai Shing WONG
    Effective condition number

2006-07 FYP

  • Lok Man YUEN
    3D point distribution for fast RBF interpolation

  • Kai Sang TSE
    Numerical differentiation

  • Ka Ming WU
    Source location identification for 2D Helmholtz equation


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