The Ninth ICSA International Conference:
Challenges of Statistical Methods for Interdisciplinary Research and Big Data

20-23 December, 2013
Hong Kong Baptist University

Pao-Lu Hsu Award

Congratulations to Jianqing Fan from Princeton University, Xiao-Li Meng from Harvard University, and Bin Yu from University of California at Berkeley for being the first recipients of the Pao-Lu Hsu Award.

This award recognizes their excellent scholarly accomplishments in statistical research as well as outstanding contributions to the development of sound statistics in Chinese communities. An official award ceremony with special presentations by the award recipients will be held at this conference.

Awardee Talks:

  • Jianqing Fan, Princeton University
    Are we all wrong? [abs]
  • Xiao-Li Meng, Harvard University
    A Trio of Inference Problems That Could Win You a Nobel Prize in Statistics (if you help fund it) [abs]
  • Bin Yu, University of California at Berkeley
    Modeling Visual Cortex V4 in Naturalistic Conditions with Invariant and Sparse Image Representations [abs]
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