The Ninth ICSA International Conference:
Challenges of Statistical Methods for Interdisciplinary Research and Big Data

20-23 December, 2013
Hong Kong Baptist University

Shuttle Bus Arrangement

  Hotel Departure time
20 December 2013 Courtyard 8:00am
  Harbour Plaza Metropolis 8:00am
  Metropark Hotel Kowloon 8:00am
  Regal Riverside Hotel 8:00am
  Royal Park Hotel 7:50am
  Poyal Plaza Hotel 8:00am
21-23 December 2013 Courtyard 8:15am
  Harbour Plaza Metropolis 8:15am
  Metropark Hotel Kowloon 8:15am
  Regal Riverside Hotel 8:10am
  Royal Park Hotel 8:00am
  Poyal Plaza Hotel 8:15am


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