Workshop on
Graph Theory, Combinatorics and Computing

17 July 2008
Hong Kong Baptist University

Invited Speakers
Wai Hong Chan The Computational Complexity of the Inverse Sort Transform [abstract]
Hongyu Chen On k-connected Restrained Domination in Graphs [abstract]
Xue-Gang Chen Total Restrained Domination Number of the Conjunction of Graphs [abstract]
Yaoping Hou On the Sandpile Group of a Graph [abstract]
Wai Chee Shiu Algebraic Approach on Balance Index Sets of Graphs [abstract]
Pak Kiu Sun Incidence Coloring on Some Graphs [abstract]
Contributed Speakers
Chak On Chow Asymptotic normality of the distribution of q-derangement numbers for the wreath product of C_r with S_n [abstract]
Jianxi Li Unicyclic and Bicyclic Graphs of Rank 5 [abstract]
Man Ho Ling Full Friendly Index Sets of Cartesian Product of Two Cycles [abstract]