International Conference on Imaging Science 2012

(in honor of Professor Stanley Osher at his 70th birthday)

December 12-14 2012

December 12 2012 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
December 13 2012 Hong Kong Baptist University
December 14 2012 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Imaging Science is an explosively growing research field which is important to many applied discipline for engineering and science. With tremendous applications of this interdisciplinary field, many revolutionary ideas and efficient algorithms have been developed rapidly over the past few decades. The conference will bring together about 20 invited applied and computational mathematicians and computer scientists, who work in the various areas on imaging science, to discuss some recent results and challenges in this interdisciplinary sciences. 

Professor Stanley Osher has been at the forefront of the progress in imaging science with ground-breaking contributions on the level set method, computer vision, TV (total variation) based image restoration and optimization. In Hong Kong, he has rendered support to various local universities in various ways over the last decade and he has collaborated with researchers in Hong Kong for many years. He received the award of the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa from the HKBU (2009) and he is currently a visiting member of the Institute for Advanced Study, HKUST. For this reason, the conference also aims to honor Prof. Osher at his 70th birthday for his contributions to the field and to Hong Kong. 

This will be a forward looking conference covering recent trends and progress in several important aspects of imaging science. It will emphasize the crucial role of significant mathematics in the design of advanced algorithms and methodologies applicable to real world applications. We expect this workshop will attract young scientists and graduate students as well as senior participants.


Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist University