Locating Lines Among Scattered Points

Prof Peter Hall

Centre for Mathematics and its Applications
Mathematical Sciences Institute
Australian National University


Time:   4:00pm, Tuesday March 16, 2004
Tea Reception beforehand
Venue:   ACC 109, Jockey Club Academic Community Centre
Baptist University Road Campus,
Hong Kong Baptist University


Seismic events along a geophysical fault-line are recorded in (space, time) pairs, where the time component represents the distance of the point along the fault. A small fraction of the pairs result from bursts of energy which propagate along the fault at approximately constant speeds, causing seismic events as they go. These bursts generate roughly linear clusters of points in the (space, time) plane, the gradient of the line being proportional to the speed at which energy travels along the fault. Identifying these clusters is of intrinsic geophysical interest. The fault line in question is a section of the San Andreas fault near Parkfield, California. We discuss statistical methodology for identifying approximately linear clusters of points. This problem has connections to that of ley-line analysis, addressed in the UK in the 1980s.
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