Building upon a number of collaborations between scholars at the Peking University and the Hong Kong Baptist University, the Joint Research Institute for Applied Mathematics (JRIAM) was established in 2002 to conduct frontier research in applied mathematics, especially in the fields of scientific computing and statistics. The JRIAM aims to serve as a catalyst to develop China's mathematical and statistical infrastructure by mentoring young scholars and facilitating technology transfer from overseas to China. The JRIAM also aims to raise the profile of China's applied mathematics research.

The JRIAM has offices in both universities and comprises about a dozen faculty members from each of the two universities. Its activities are overseen by executive committees at each university. The main work of the JRIAM is collaborative research. To this end we support a number of PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and visiting scholars.

The JRIAM carries out collaborative research on a variety of topics, including:
1. Adaptive and spectral methods for numerical computation
2. Applied probability
3. Computational finance
4. Computational fluid dynamics
5. Multivariate analysis and data mining
6. Experimental design
7. Graph theory
8. High dimensional integration and approximation
9. Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods
10. Optimization and operations research

The JRIAM also sponsors conference and workshops. The International Conference on Scientific Computing and Partial Differential Equations was held in December 2002 and 2005. Selected papers were published in the American Mathematical Society's Contemporary Mathematics Series.

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