High Performance Cluster Computing Centre (HPCCC)

A group of faculty members at HKBU, CityU and CUHK, led by Prof. Hickernell, and including Prof. Tao Tang, Dr. Lizhi Liao, Dr. Xiaonan Wu, and Dr. Weimin Xue, received a large grant from the University Grants Committee for a teaching development project on Learning Computational Science on a Parallel Architecture. A substantial part of this grant, together with donations from Dell and Intel were used to establish the HPCCC in the Science Faculty at HKBU. The center piece of this facility is a PC cluster comprised of 64 dual Pentium IV 2.8 GHz nodes connected by a low-latency gigabit ethernet switch.

Th HPCCC will enhance the JRIAM's research in computational science by facilitating the solution of computationally complex problems. It will allow us to develop and analyze parallel algorithms for solving integration, approximation, partial differential equations, and optimization problems. The HPCCC will also provide JRIAM students and visitors with the parallel computing experience that they might not otherwise have. Although the HPCCC is not a part of the JRIAM per se, but a part of the HKBU Science Faculty, several JRIAM members are involved in the HPCCC, and the JRIAM will derive significant benefits from the HPCCC.

More information may be found at the website for the High Performance Cluster Computing Centre Supported by Dell and Intel (HPCCC).

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