Applied Partial Differential Equations in Electrical Well-Loggings


Prof. Tatsien Li

Fudan University

Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences
Foreign Member of the French Academy of Science

4:30pm, Friday 7 December, 2007
(Preceded by Tea Reception at 4:00pm)
Lecture Theatre Two, Cha Chi-Ming Science Tower,
Ho Sin Hang Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University


Motivated by an urgent need in petroleum exploitation, both the mathematical modeling and the mathematical and numerical method of resolution for several kinds of electrical well-loggings such as resistivity well-logging (by direct current), spontaneous potential (SP) well-logging and complex resistivity well-logging (by alternating current) etc. are investigated in this talk. This study leads to some new concepts and problems in applied partial differential equations, for instance, boundary value problems with equivalued surface, boundary homogenization, necessity of using Sobolev spaces with fractional power and Maxwell-Ohm system in a piecewise homogeneous medium etc.

All are welcome


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