Matrix Computations: Past, Present and Future

Prof Gene H. Golub

Fletcher Jones Professor of Computer Science

Stanford University


Date:   Monday December 9, 2002
Time:   4:30pm (Precedet by Tea Reception at 4:00pm)
Venue:   WLB203, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University
Moderator:   Professor Tony F. Chan, Dean of Physical Sciences, UCLA


From the days of the first ballistic computations on digital computers, the vast majority of computer time used for scientific computation is spent on problems involving matrices. This talk shall describe some pioneers in matrix computations and their influence. Within the last decade, parallel and vector computers have sparked a new revolution with profound effects. Some techniques banished as inferior for conventional computers have proved to be attractive alternatives for machines with advanced architectures. We shall discuss some of the latest advances, results, and current directions in scientific computation.
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